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Selected past issues are archived on this page in PDF format.

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Selected Archives
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July, 2012
New York: After 20 Years, Topfreedom for NY Women
                 is an Established Right. Right?.
NAC: Three declare candidacy for boards of NAC and NEF.
California: Governmental Scandal Impacts Naturists
NAC: The Goddess of Ceremonies Says: “Please Give to NAC!”
Lloyd H. Olson 1917-2012
North America: 2011 Schedule of Naturist Gatherings, Festivals and Events.

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June, 2012
Washington: Seattle activists work toward a clothing-optional beach.
Wisconsin: Mazo Beach and the Department of Natural Resources
NAC: board will miss two seasoned activists.
North America: 2011 Schedule of Naturist Gatherings, Festivals and Events.

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